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Personal Insurance

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Insurance Plans for Every Individual

The Michael Davis Insurance Agency is an independent agency offering an array of insurance plans from a variety of nationally-known providers. Our staff will always take the time to sit down with you, go through all your necessary documents and select the right policy for you.

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All Types of Personal Insurance

      • Automotive Insurance
        Not only are you protecting your vehicle, but also providing financial and personal security for your family when you buy automotive insurance.
      • Homeowner’s insurance
        Count on our friendly professionals to help you find the right policy to protect your home, personal property, and possessions.
      • Life insurance
        It’s important to have life insurance when you’re planning for your future, as well as the future of your loved ones.
      • Rental insurance
        When it comes to property damage, theft and loss, and coverage for temporary housing, this is your best protection.
      • Specialty insurance
        We have the right market knowledge to deal with the specialty insurance sector. We can help you choose the specialized insurance policy that meets your needs.
      • Insurance for your Recreational Vehicles
        Insurance for all your “Toys!”
      • Rental reimbursement
        Cost of renting a vehicle while the damaged vehicle is being repaired is reimbursed.
      • Umbrella insurance
        • You have liability coverage on your Auto Policy, you have liability coverage on your Home or Renter’s Policy; why do you need to insure your Umbrella?
        • Umbrella Insurance does not insure Umbrellas. Umbrella Insurance pays for liability coverage on your underlying policies once you have exhausted those coverages.
          • If you are found at fault and subsequently sued for an accident involving your vehicle or at your home, your Liability Coverage will pay for damages and legal fees up to the limits (amounts) on your policy. The questions you need to ask yourself are: What are my limits of liability and what if the legal fees and judgments exceed my current coverage?
          • We can help you answer these questions and help you determine whether or not an umbrella policy is right for you. Often times we can recommend different options that are not too expensive and can provide you peace of mind.

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